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English Online: Looking to Space, Intermediate 3Title: English Online: Looking to Space
Level: Intermediate 3
Author(s): CET
Publisher: Center for Educational Technology
Date: 2004
Pages: 52
Size: 15.26 Mb
Format: PDF
Quality: High
Language: British English

English Online is a comprehensive program for Israeli students learning English as a foreign language. The program makes full use of current technology by providing students and teachers with an Internet site that contains activities based on authentic online sources.

English Online consists of a series of theme-based, self-contained modules. The complete program is designed to meet the requirements of the English curriculum from Intermediate Level Stage 1 through Proficiency Level Stage 3. [+/-]

The English Online Intermediate 3 package comprises:
four stimulating booklets-Music Mania, The Funny Side, Looking to Space and Name of the Game
online instructional material that is closely integrated with the booklets
a set of student work pages and assessment pages
a teacher's pack that includes a teacher's guide and an audio-cassette

Looking to Space is an adventure in English through our fascinating universe. In this booklet, we look at space from the different points of view of astronomers, astronauts, space missions and the world of science fiction.

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English Online: Looking to Space, Intermediate 3

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