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English Online: Earth Matters, Proficiency 2Title: English Online: Earth Matters
Level: Proficiency 2
Author(s): CET
Publisher: Center for Educational Technology
Date: 2003
Pages: 52
Size: 19.61 Mb
Format: PDF
Quality: High
Language: British English

English Online is a comprehensive program for Israeli students learning English as a foreign language. The program makes full use of current technology by providing students and teachers with an Internet site that contains activities based on authentic online sources.

English-Online consists of a series of theme-based, self-contained modules. The complete program is designed to meet the requirements of the English curriculum from intermediate Level Stage 1 through Proficiency Level Stage 3. [+/-]

The English Online Proficiency 2 package comprises:
four stimulating booklets-Circles of Contact, Soul of a City, Earth Matters and Mysteries of the Mind
online instructional material that is closely integrated with the booklets
a set of student work pages and assessment pages
a teacher's pack that includes a teacher's guide and an audio-cassette

Earth Matters provides an original context for learning English by raising students' awareness of various environmental and ecological issues. A recurring theme in the booklet is our collective and individual responsibility toward our planet and what can be done to preserve, restore and protect it.

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English Online: Earth Matters, Proficiency 2

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