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BBC Learning English

Free resource from the BBC for the practising and learning of English where there are a great number of different materials.

Something that you will find is:

  • News English: English news with bold words, whose meaning is explained at the end of the article.
  • Business English: with tips for getting a new job, working abroad, work skills ö85
  • Watch & Listen: many videos and podcasts.
  • Grammar & Vocabulary: questions about the English language, grammar lessons, pronunciation tips, ö85 and a lot of vocabulary for different situations.
  • Quizzes: to test your level and see how much you have learnt.
  • For teachers: test, ideas, etcetera.
Another recommended web site that is updated weekly with new material so you will never be tired and you will be able to learn continuously.

Visit BBC Learning EnglishBBC Learning English

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