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Many times, I hear some people say datas and criterias . Sometimes, I m itching to tell them that it s not right to say that, but I just try to ignore it, so that they won t get embarrassed. However, in this post, I would like to show you some nouns which have unfamiliar singulars, plurals and gender endings, for you to avoid making the same mistakes.

The singular form of the word bacteria is bacterium . The singular for data is datum and the singular for dice is die .

Alumna is singular and alumnae is its plural form. They both refer to females. Alumnus is singular and alumni is plural. Both refer to males. The plural form of the word analysis is analyses . Crisis is singular and crises is its plural form. Strata is the plural form of stratum .

An aviator refers to a guy, and an aviatrix is his female counterpart. A gander is male and a goose is a female. A stag is a male deer. An abbot is the male version of an abbess .
Unfamiliar Plurals, Singulars and Gender Endings

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