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The following are the basic punctuation rules we need to know:


It is used to end a complete sentence. A sentence is a group of words having a subject and predicate.

Ex. He writes poems very well.

Commas have different uses in English. Commas are used to:

-One of the most common uses of a comma is separating a list of items.

Ex. I like painting, singing, dancing, and eating with my friends.

-It separates phrases and clauses. It is usually placed after a beginning dependent clause or a long prepositional phrase.

Ex. Although he wanted to go abroad, he wasn't able to pass the visa interview..

-It also separates two independent clauses that are connected by a conjunction such as 'but'.

Ex. They wanted to buy a bigger a house, but they had to pay for the car first.

-A comma is also used to introduce a direct (as opposed to indirect speech i.e. He said he wanted to come ...).

Ex. Ken said, "I will always be here for you."

-It separates appositives or non-defining relative clauses. (Appositive--A word, phrase or clause that means the same thing as (i.e., synonym) or further explains another noun (pronoun).

Ex. Kim Tae Hee, one of the most famous actresses in South Korea, studies in Seoul University.

It is used to separate two independent clauses. Usually, one or both of the clauses are short and the ideas expressed are usually very much alike.

Ex. He loves singing; He is a born musician.

-It is also used to separate groups of words that are themselves separated by commas.

Ex. They plan to study English, for their trips abroad; computer graphics, for their work; and tennis, for their own enjoyment.

To give additional details and explanation.

Ex. She had many reasons for studying Tae Kwon Do: to get in shape, to make new friends, to lose some weight, and to defend herself from bad guys.

-To introduce a direct (a comma can also be used in this situation).

Ex. She cried out: "I will never speak to you again!"

Question Mark
The question mark is used when asking questions.

Ex. Did you miss me?

Exclamation Point
The exclamation point is used at the end of a sentence to show surprise. Also, it is used for emphasis when making a point.

Ex. I can t believe this is happening!Punctuation Rules

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